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FAQs-Beijing Alan-China CFDA registration and approval, sanitary license, cosmetics and more

At Beijing Alan, we help you obtain an import product registration/sanitary license with minimal effort.

We go through the paperwork and red tape so that you don't need to. Here is how it works:


Based on the materials you provide us, we will decide if a collaboration is suitable.

Step 2Send Us Your Documents

Once a collaboration is agreed upon and a contract is signed, we will ask you to send us the necessarydocuments for the registration process. We will fill out the application on your behalf or provide you with a template and an example of a completed form when necessary. All the documents will be reviewed and evaluated by our team of experts before they are sent to the CFDA for processing.

Step 3Receive Your License

We deliver the CFDA import product registration/sanitary license to you.

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How long does the process take?

The length of time depends on the product.

In order of shortest to longest amount of time:
Foods < Cosmetics < Dietary Supplements < Pharmaceuticals

The CFDA is generally the least stringent when giving out registration licenses for food. It is the most stringent with pharmaceuticals. But whether your product is a type of food, cosmetic, dietary supplement or pharmaceutical, we can expedite the process so you get your license months sooner.

For example, the amount of time it takes to obtain a license for cosmetics (including hair care, skin care, and makeup products): Industry Average: over 180 days vs. Beijing Alan: 115 to 150 days



How much does our service cost?

Cost will vary depending on the product and depends on the man hours and time commitment required to obtain the registration license. For example, obtaining a registration license for a pharmaceutical product will cost more than a cosmetic product because the pharmaceutical products will require going through stringent requirements and a longer period of time.

For example, the cost for obtaining your product registration for cosmetic products will be the sum of a testing fee, notary fee, translation fee and service fee. We will provide receipts for each and every transaction or item purchased so that you will know exactly how your money was spent. Testing fee will depend on the product's formula and the testing the product will require before a license is granted. There is also a minimal fee for the notary and translation.

The last component of the cost structure is the service fee. The service fee will depend on the product.

We provide competitive rates and the best customer service in the industry.



Who should apply for the import product registration/sanitary license - the distributor or the manufacturer?

Usually, it is the manufacturer who pays and files for the import product registration because the registration is NON-transferable. If the distributor has the right to the registration license, then you (the manufacturer) will NOT be able to change distributors if the need arises, or a conflict of interest developes the distributor.

Additionally, during the registration process, vast amount of confidential and technical information must be submitted to the CFDA. If your distributor files for the registration, you (the manufacturer) would have to hand over all your data to the distributor for the process. So it's to your benefit as the manufacturer to file for the registration license yourself.



Why Should You Choose Beijing Alan Business Solutions, Inc.?

Beijing Alan is the industry leader. Our CEO Shelly Yuan has extensive experience in this field and a broad network of contacts. We know exactly what needs to be done and how it needs to be done.

Shelly Yuan has 20+ years of prior experience with the governing body which issues these licenses while our talented team (check out our management profiles) is dedicated to providing you with the best customer service in the industry. Beijing Alan Business Solutions, Inc. has a nearly 100% success rate in achieving license registration.



How do the ever-changing Chinese policies affect the process of obtaining the import product registration/sanitary license?

On average, policies related to the import product registration/sanitary license are modified twice a year, with requirements added or removed. After each and every change, a number of companies are forced to close their doors either because they did not foresee the changes in policy or were not able to evaluate and react to them.

At Beijing Alan Business Solutions Inc., our dedicated team has the expertise, over 20 years of experience and attentive, professional service. We constantly monitor and evaluates these changing policies to provide you with the most efficient service in the industry. This is only a part of the effort we make to stay an industry leader!



How do we achieve near 100% approval rate with the CFDA?

We are proud of what we have achieved. To maintain our reputation and near 100% approval, we always:

a. Prescreen our projects. If we believe either the product would not be approved by the CFDA or is not fit to be sold in the China market, we will not accept the project. About 5% of projects are declined.

b. Once we have determined that the product is suitable, our dedicated team works together collectively, brainstorming creative solutions to expedite the import product registration/sanitary license process. We get it right - the first time.



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